An overview of an artist that constantly tried to develop himself and those around him

The life of George Lampe

George Lampe was one of the most influential figures in the art scene of The Hague and a man of many talents. His art was discussed and reviewed in numerous publications, including the New York Times and Le Monde. George’s work was exhibited all over Europe. He worked as an art critic and illustrator for various publications, most notably Vrij Nederland, one of Holland’s most influential magazines. Lampe was one of the frontrunners of the so called New Hague School art movement, the Hague’s counterpart to the Amsterdam-based CoBrA movement. He was a member of the artist collectives Verve, Liga Nieuw Beelden and Fugare, the latter of which he founded himself. He taught drawing classes and was the head of the art school de Vrije Academie (the Free Academy) in the Hague for many years.